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Our research and development group engineers our products with polymer combinations to meet the exact specifications our customers demand.

Biltrite's polymer chemists custom-compound product solutions using PVC,TPA, TPO, TPR, TPE and other engineered resins. We are always working with our suppliers to help turn an opportunity into a success. We combine additives to enhance the polymer performance in order to resist chemical attack, UV degradation, oxidation, and microbial growth or simply to provide protection against the effects of normal weathering. We also select from a wide range of films, industrial fabrics, or foils to develop a composite solution. With this approach we can optimize product performance by developing layers of technology to meet specific market needs.

In addition to our in-house research and development team, and along with the assistance provided by our suppliers, we also work with university chemists and engineers to help solve particularly difficult development demands. We believe it is vital to our long-term success to maintain contacts with as many outside experts as possible to help us think through new ideas and experiment with new polymers so that we are always in a position to assist our customers.

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