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electrical protection

Tuff Trac esd conductive matting

NEW Tuff Trac® ESD with Lo-CHAR™ incorporates both low smoke and flame retardant chemistry to provide critical safety for products.

How safe is your ESD matting in the case of a fire event? In flame tests performed in our laboratory, no other rubber or vinyl matting from other sources was able to meet the four minute time standard before being fully engulfed in flame. Some rubber products were totally engulfed in less than 60 seconds.

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Tuff Trac® electrical matting products cover a wide range of applications. Switchboard Electrical Matting protects workers in the vicinity of high voltage equipment. Tuff Trac® ESD and Conductive Matting protects workers and sensitive electronic components from damage due to static discharge.

All Tuff Trac® Switchboard Matting is subjected to testing for dielectric resistance per ASTMD-178 and the Biltrite formula has a built in higher margin of safety. Biltrite also manufactures military grade switchboard matting products that incorporate Lo-CHAR flame retardants and smoke suppressants for US Navy applications.

Tuff Trac® ESD and conductive matting products provide varying performance characteristics depending on the level of static protection required in a variety of manufacturing environments..

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